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Your branding tells your audience who you are and what you do without an explanation. It uses colours, typography and shapes to present your business in a way that can make prospective customers feel confident and want to know more about you. What can you offer them compared to the next guy?

This got the team at Plum thinking about ways you can refresh your branding during this lockdown period, how you can use this unexpected time as an opportunity for a bit of introspection. Don’t worry, we aren’t talking about changing your entire look, just 2 simple points to consider how your business is being seen.

We’ll start with one question: How do you want your customers to feel when looking at your branding?

We all want to appear professional and trustworthy, sure, but how do you want your audience to feel specifically?
It really helps to clearly define your position to ensure your branding is perfect for you and is working the way it needs to.

For example, let’s be topical and say you’re a hygiene products manufacturer and want to directly open up an online presence to the end user, not just your usual wholesalers, and in turn want your prospective new customers to feel confident in you and your abilities.

To reflect this onto your brand you would need to look at the typical way hygiene retailers brand themselves. The hygiene field tends to use a lot of sober blues and greens combined with white to signify natural ingredients, cleanliness and sterile surroundings.

We know that colourful, informal or unreadable fonts aren’t going to work on your social media or business literature; the typographic style needs to suggest knowledge and expertise by using clear typefaces that are easy to read and can quickly convey your message.

This would then be reflected on imagery used for literature. Using a professional photographer would be the best option as it reminds the audience that your business is a skilful and experienced service to choose.

Even though this all sounds really simple it can act as a foolproof baseline for your branding. Let’s go onto the second question.

What’s your USP: the unique selling point – the unique benefit your service, product or brand possesses that makes it stand out from your competition, and how can it tie into the identity you’ve made for your branding?

This next step can seem tricky, particularly when you’re worried that adding contrasting themes to your brand will invalidate your current position. Your USP needs to be personal, it needs to stand apart from the competition and show that your business can deliver.

Plum has a team of experts that can help you pinpoint your USP.  We can help you understand your audience further then work to build upon your brand identity so that you are creating a meaningful and authentic message about you and your business.


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